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GreenFleet have teamed up with LoCITY to showcase the very latest in clean commercial vehicle technology, and we will gather key fleet and freight decision- makers together to educate them on what is available NOW, as they gear up for the expansion of London’s Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ).

As London grows, so does traffic congestion and air pollution. This has a major, damaging impact on public health. Nearly 9,500 people die early each year in London because of poor air quality.

More than 281,000 daily journeys are freight (HGV and vans) – that’s 30% of all central London traffic and 10% of all Greater London traffic. With transport accounting for 63% of NO2 (Nitrogen Dioxide) and 52% of PM10 (Particulate Matter) emissions, the two principle pollutants of concern in London, it is vital that we take action to reduce emissions.

LoCITY has been established to help mitigate these effects and reduce commercial vehicle emissions. It offers a unique opportunity for vehicle manufacturers, fuel infrastructure providers, procurers and commercial fleet operators to collaborate to ensure we have the right technology, the right vehicles and the right fuels in the right places.

COMMERCIAL GreenFleet with LoCITY takes place at The Stoop, home of Harlequin’s RFC, in Twickenham, on February 23rd. And YOU need to be there....................

Participating will bring financial benefits for fleets and suppliers, with alternative fuel vehicles often being cheaper on a whole life cost basis. But they need the manufacturers to advise and guide them, which in itself opens up another world of possibilities... for YOU!

Improved vehicle availability – together with the introduction of the ULEZ – will strengthen the case for acquiring low emission commercial vehicles over the next few years. So make sure you are in the thoughts of the fleet and freight operators when they make their changes... Here’s how the event will work and what the opportunities are.

Who will be joining us?

London's local authorities, government agencies, NHS and emergency services will be joined by SME's and corporations that operate vans and trucks in and out of London. All need to gear-up in readiness for new legislation, but they need the answers... and they need them NOW!

COMMERCIAL GreenFleet, with LoCITY, will give London a chance to lead the way, both in the UK and in Europe, and position itself as a pioneer for low emission and low carbon commercial vehicles.