Hydrogen Dual Fuel – a practical solution for ultra-low emission vans and trucks.

Conversion of a diesel van or truck to run on hydrogen dual fuel, gives the operator the flexibility of a conventional vehicle at the same time as delivering reduced emissions.

Our ultra-low emission EURO 5 Transit goes from 234g/km CO2 emissions to 59g/km, and with a similar reduction in particulates, HC & CO; TfL allows this van 100% discount on the congestion charge. When hydrogen isn’t available, the vehicle operates in diesel alone. Similar principles apply to our HGV conversions; maximising the displacement of energy from diesel in line with the local avaiblity of hydrogen to ensure that the benefits of dual fuel are focussed where it’s needed in urban environments

Hydrogen refuelling is possible at a number of locations nationally, and particularly in the London area. For significant fleets, it’s equally possible to have back to base facilities, either from delivered hydrogen or on-site generation. We can advise, supply and install a fully integrated solution, attached to renewable generation which means that you can gain the credits for green energy production, at the same time as making your own fuel.

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