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Electric vehicle charging is key to successful EV adoption. The EVs in your fleet will have different charging requirements and battery capacities. The distances the vehicles travel each day and the time and location when they are available to charge will vary. You may have power constraints on site.

So which EV charging solution is best for you? There is a wide choice of manufacturers, chargers and management systems, each with their own features. The ideal charging solution may have to be sourced from more than one manufacturer.

ElectrAssure will take a detailed and holistic approach to design your electric vehicle charging solution. Engaging with your fleet, business and site teams, detailed site surveys are carried out, requirements are defined, and constraints identified.

With a well-established network of quality suppliers and partners, ElectrAssure will design a solution using best fit, quality hardware, software and services. ElectrAssure has a proven ability to analyse complex requirements to design best in class solutions.

A multi-discipline installation team simplifies installation and reduces installation time and cost. Commissioning the chargers onto a ChargePoint management system provides remote maintenance and user management to enable excellent service levels.
ElectrAssure – delivering robust, reliable, managed electric vehicle charging systems to support your electric vehicle fleet.