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Hartridge has been at the forefront of diesel injector and pump testing since 1935. In 1939 the business was relocated to Buckingham from London to support the war effort.

Today Hartridge still design, develop and manufacture under one roof; supplying diagnostic test benches all over the world.
Modern diesel is of course very different. The latest highly efficient common rail diesel engines inject fuel at up to 2,800 bar. The combustion process is controlled by sophisticated computerised systems and even ‘intelligent’ injectors are able to communicate back to the vehicle’s ECU.

Hartridge’s latest-generation test equipment enables a cost-effective yet highly sophisticated method of isolating injectors off-vehicle to evaluate their performance as per on-vehicle conditions. This allows specific issues to be identified and then rectified so that correct fuelling, engine efficiency and therefore emissions compliance is restored.

Since 2016 Hartridge has also been supplying DPF cleaning solutions to the global aftermarket. The DPF200 and DPF300 series of machines enable a DPF to be serviced so that exhaust operation is maintained at OE levels of performance and emissions.

For commercial fleets, routinely testing injectors and cleaning DPFs supports maintaining an efficient combustion process from injection event to exhaust function. Ultimately this will lower fuel costs, increase vehicle reliability, lower repair bills and instances of VOR. It also unlocks the potential for tracking emissions compliance. For more information visit us at, or email us: