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LDV EV80 – Drive further with a driving range of 120+ miles/ 190km on a single charge battery power of 56KW.

SAIC, the company driving LDV’s green credentials in the all-electric market place sees the EV80 as the perfect city vehicle, ideal for completing short to medium-length journeys with a 120-mile / 190 km range on a single charge.

That, says SAIC, is greener motoring with superior performance in mind. The EV80 is available in two models; panel van (Medium Roof long wheelbase and chassis cab that can be fitted with a range of customer-specific bodies with the most advanced, pure electric systems in place.

Mark Barrett, General Manager, LDV U.K. & Ireland said: “Electric vehicles are the future and the future is now and there are so many reasons to choose a commercial EV for 2018. The EV80 offers smooth acceleration, regenerative braking and all the interior comforts and style of our V80 diesel vans."

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